Where can you find me?

East Coast, West Coast, and Beyond

If home is where the heart is then you’ll find a piece of my heart in San Francisco, a piece in Manhattan Beach and the biggest piece in New York City. Being that I am a seasoned traveler, you’ll also find me available for destination weddings including Bermuda, Mexico, and beyond.


San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Skyline and Transamerica building at night

City by the Bay.  The biggest small town.  The first big city I called home.  It was here I got my first taste of diversity and culture.


Manhattan Beach and South Bay

Manhatta Beach, California pier at sunset

My dad calls it paradise.  A laid-back, South Bay community immortalized by the Beach Boys.


New York City and Tri-State Area

Brooklyn Bridge at night with Manhattan Skyline

The city that never sleeps.  It is here that I finally understood just how much  diversity and culture makes me feel alive.  With over 800 languages spoken within its limits it’s no wonder it’s the city of my soul.

Talk to me

Tell me your story. When do you feel most connected? How are you unique? What are your hopes and dreams? What are your heartaches? How has love transformed you?

little asian girl talking on phone