Love and Falaf-upusas, American Style

They say you should never talk about politics especially with strangers. You never know who you might offend. But sometimes it can lead to a surprising turn of events. Such was the case for Paola and Wail.

Intimate Holiday Ceremony

I’ve walked by the Metropolitan Club on the corner of 5th Avenue and 60th Street maybe a hundred times. A few times I paused in front of the unmistakable wrought iron gate and peered in wondering just how beautiful the interior must be.  Never did it cross my mind that one day I’d officiate a wedding at this 125-year-old private club.

Finding Love in a Storm

In the hopes of escaping the boredom of his one-bedroom apartment, Christopher sat alone at the bar of his local New York City pub. Manchester United was playing Arsenal the next day, so he wanted to finish reading up on the latest football news. “Reading about the weather?” said a woman’s voice.

Bus on time. Love story delayed.

Sometimes we have to go through life’s changes and choices in order to come to the point to which where we were destined. Sometimes it’s so obvious but many times only the Powers That Be truly know how it will all come together – we just have to have a little faith.

Courage for Loving

Choosing to marry someone who is of a different race than oneself seems like an obvious constitutional right but not too long ago that was not the case.

35% of Americans…

35% of American Adults today, say they have at least one family member who is married to someone of a different race. ~Pew Research Center