Meet Our Founders

We are Rev. Mary-Rose and Rev. Todd M. Engle, a husband and wife team, graduates of the New Seminary for Interfaith Studies, ordained Interfaith Ministers, licensed Wedding Officiants, and members of A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy (AWAIC).


We honor all beliefs be they religious, spiritual, agnostic or humanist. No request is insignificant and no challenge too great. Empathy and compassion are at the core of every service we offer.


Our collective studies and practices include but are not limited to Christianity (35+ years), Buddhism (14+ years), Islam (4+ years), Hinduism (20+ years) and Tribal Indigenous (4+ years).

Why Choose Us

We believe that to truly minister to people of various traditions, we must engage ourselves in the culture of their faith.

We love to travel the world making friends and learning about their religious heritage. We have seen, time and again, that as we deepen our understanding of another’s religion, we deepen our understanding of our own. Our repertoire of intercultural encounters includes: Tibetan Monastery Ground Breaking Ceremony in Nepal, Hindu Fire Ceremonies in India, observing Ramadan in Egypt, walking the Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem, meditating in the Great Pyramids of Giza and at the foot of the great Sphinx, Sumo Wrestling in Tokyo (only as observers), praying in the temples of Kyoto, Weddings in Bermuda, Vision Quests in Sedona and Mt. Shasta, honoring our ancestors in the Gyeongbok Palace Ancestral Shrine in Korea, receiving esoteric teachings in the Anza Borrego Desert, climbing the pyramids of Chitzen Itza, praying in the Yeni Cami Mosque in Turkey, and the list continues.

But, perhaps what makes us truly unique is that complimentary to our wide breadth of religious and cultural awareness we have over 40 years combined experience as Project Management Professional Consultants at Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and overseas. We understand firsthand the complexities and challenges of balancing career, family, relationships, and spirituality. We know what it is like to sit in a cubical wondering if there is more to life or if we are living are purpose.


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our Story

  • Rev. Mary-Rose EngleHi, I'm Reverend Mary-Rose Engle. Some call me by my spiritual name, "Janani".


    About Weddings

    I love wedding ceremonies. I love listening to a couple's story; their journey and what makes their love so special. I have always found great joy in handcrafting something beautiful and moving for others. A service created by me will not only be wonderful but well organized with attention paid to every detail.

    My Journey

  • Religion and spirituality have long since been an integral part of my life starting from childhood in the Roman Catholic tradition to ordination as an Interfaith Minister in 2009 and continues on today. I started my interfaith journey while in college, studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism. Continued on to study Arabic and Qur'anic Studies at the American University in Cairo. I have also lectured on Hinduism and Hindu Archetypes at Boricua College and The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies.
  • My ministry really began in the 1990s when I started to teach meditation to women inmates at Riker's Island. Today, I am a Wedding Officiant and Spiritual Counselor. From time-to-time, you can find me leading the worship service at the Interfaith Temple of New York City.
  • I strongly believe in giving back to society so I actively work to bring interreligious understanding and awareness of extreme poverty to the United Nations representing Tripura Foundation.
  • Rev. Todd M. EngleHello, my name is Rev. Todd Engle; some call me by my spiritual name "Rama".


    My Journey

    Several years back, like many people who enter middle age, I began to serious take a look at my life and what I was creating with it. I realized I wasn’t using my knowledge gained from years of studying with various spiritual teachers to adequately help others or live my life to its fullest meaning.


    In 2007 my wife came to me with the idea of Interfaith Ministry and its different aspects. The idea intrigued me, and after two years of Seminary, I graduated from The New Seminary in 2010. Ministry for me has become a new walk of life for me and has opened the gateway to living my hearts path.


    About Counseling

    Some time ago it had become very clear to me, that our relationship with each other is our relationship with the Divine. Life is complicated, it brings us many, many challenges, and sometimes we all need a little help getting through the confusion. I welcome this opportunity to work with you so that we both may learn more about ourselves.