Your Ceremony Style

Knowing what kind of wedding officiant or minister you want is a great start. You'll also want to have an idea of what kind of ceremony best suits you.

May we suggest reflecting first on your own personal lifestyle and beliefs?

"Rev. Mary-Rose guided us through [the process] to craft a ceremony that represented our diverse backgrounds and really reflected our personalities." ~Roger & Carolyn

Reflection on Lifestyle

Your Relationship

You are each other's best friend, confidant, and true love. Your story maybe simple and sweet or it may carry the triumph of great obstacles overcome. It may be a love story that started in grade school or a story of two ships passing in the night only to be united on some unexpected distant shore. No matter the case, your story is certain cause for celebration.

Your Style and Personality

You consider yourselves to be progressive but appreciate timeless style and taste. As a couple, you choose to step outside the usual wedding fare for something a bit more personal. Meticulous attention to detail is your standard but can laugh together at the unexpected.

Your Thoughts and Feelings

A well grounded couple, you "check in" regularly so as to not get carried away with all the wedding hype and lose sight of what's important. You are quite comfortable just being yourselves. What the rest of the world thinks of you carries little weight.

Your Guests

Community of friends and family is very important to you. You are not concerned about impressing others but instead you feel honored and delighted to share with those you hold dearest, whether near or far, present or absent, the happiness of your union as you take your next step in life together.

To the delight of your guests, at least some aspect of your wedding breaks away from tradition.

Your Wedding

You are excited about planning your wedding and are quite happy to be fully absorbed in the process. It's not a competition to have the perfect wedding but you may love throwing the perfect party that people talk about long after recollections of "oops!" and "uh-ohs!" have been forgotten.

Your Wedding Ceremony

Your service reflects the sincerity of your love, hopes and dreams as you make your commitment to be of one accord without abandoning the truth of you and your betrothed's individuality.

You consider the principle part of your wedding day to be your ceremony. After all, your union is the cause for celebration. It's important that you and your guests find it enjoyable, touching and meaningful.

What Next?

If you have a good sense of your likes and dislikes, your values and beliefs then go to my Types of Ceremonies page to learn about the types of ceremonies I offer.


Learn how your personal style and beliefs can be made into a ceremony that perfectly matches who you are.

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