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Rev. Todd Engle's work with me helped me to create a rapid shift and new understanding in my life, and most important a healing within my heart. His style is to meet you right where you are, whatever that path may be, and creates an awareness of the gifts you already have. It is so very worth it, to begin integrating all that you are. Really. (And he's funny too.)

~Paul, New York


What I loved about Rev. Mary-Rose's work was that it ended up being more about my "style" and needs than anything else. It seemed that each session was really tailored toward what I was going through and dealing with and less about a particular frame work she may have. I do believe however that her frame work is one that always leads the client to self discovery as this was the case with me. No matter what the challenge, it seemed that she was always able to bring me to the answers I had within… I learned very much from this experience and am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Rev. Mary-Rose.

~Pantea, Colorado


I really benefited greatly from working with Rev Janani and having her provide spiritual counseling for me for four sessions. It was exactly what I needed at this time of my life. I have been feeling down this past year and somewhat "disconnected" to God/Spirit and my Spiritual path. Rev Janani offered an open and safe space for me to talk about what was on my mind and explore some issues. It helped a lot to have her listen to me and provide feedback. We covered a variety of subjects from how I could find and build a spiritual community in area, to praying together and finding my voice and praying prayers that had meaning for me. One session she led me through a wonderful visualization. I continue to use it in my meditations and prayers, as it really helped me connect to my divinity and the universe. It gave me greater meaning for my prayers and this was one of the things I was looking to reconnect with. I would highly recommend spiritual counseling from Rev Janani to anyone who is seeking to deepen their spirituality, from those just starting out on an interfaith path, or for those like me, who have been on a path for several years, and just needed a little guidance and to pick up new ways of looking at things. I wish all the best to Rev Janani as she continues to learn and grow in her practice.

~Greg, Pennsylvania


Todd has been directly responsible for the following three major breakthroughs in my life:

1.  Realization of how closed my heart was and the impact that had on my life:

Todd took me through a visualization where I saw two closed doors in of front me. As I opened the doors I realized that the room was only four feet high and very small. When I walked into the room I felt claustrophobic and could hardly breathe. It was a profound epiphany when I realized that the room was a literal representation of my heart. At that moment I realized that I have only been able to tap into a fraction of my true potential to communicate and love. The moment was liberating and very sad at the same time.

2.  Realization that not all communications issues were my fault:

Because I never considered myself a good communicator I always assumed that most relationship issues that I had were my fault, because of my inability to communicate effectively. Todd walked through numerous real life situations that I found myself in and was able to convincingly point out that I was not alone; that in many of these situations other people have their own insecurities and communication issues that played a part. Knowing how to communicate better with authenticity, left me feeling very empowered.

3.  Finding my own unique voice in my personal relationship:

There was a time when I felt that I didn't have to voice every little feeling I had of something being "wrong?". I felt that being a man I shouldn't be such a wimp. But Todd help me realize that voicing these issues in the proper way are very important to ensure small issues do not grow into large ones. This was very difficult for me and I'm still working on it. But I am dedicated to making this change because I now know that not doing it can undermine the strongest relationship.

~Anthony, New York


Coming to see [Janani] is refreshing, comforting and nurturing. I feel safe and confident that [she is] present with me and will speak in a forward manner when necessary, if [she] feels I am off in a place that is not serving me or diluting the current topic at hand. I believe [her] intention to guide people to a better place in their lives is tremendous and [she] provides an energetic space for this as well. The use of assignments with by when dates is also helpful for being held accountable for carrying out the actions discussed during sessions. I feel [Janani] has a lot of informative guidance within that [she] access as needed to use during our sessions.

~Candace, New York


Dear Janani, I want to thank you for an amazing experience being a client in the Spiritual counseling sessions you offered. I found you to be very professional on all levels, responding from the heart, honest, being to the point, keeping me focused, and above all you seemed to genuinely care, and you really listened free from judgment. I would like to offer that you use me as a reference for future clients that request a client they can speak to in person. I am looking forward to continuing having sessions with you.

~Monica, New York

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We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful blessing you performed for our first born child. The ceremony was very touching and was done with so much love. We really appreciated the kind words and the love you brought to the ceremony. We look forward to having you bless our next child. Love,

~The Smith Family, Arizona


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